Performance Turnaround in a Long-term Care Facility

Dr. Julie Smith, Chief Executive Officer, assisted a large long­term care facility in turning around its culture and performance. Major problems had accumulated over the years: medical errors, absenteeism and turnover, low patient/family satisfaction, poor process adherence, and low employee engagement. The Medical Director was worried about quality of care and ready to resign. The Board thought that leadership lacked basic management skills and that some people needed to be replaced. Smith and her team helped implement a high-engagement process to implement basic checklists, observation, measurement, and performance feedback. The results were immediate and astounding. Within six months, sample results included:

•  70% fewer medication errors
•  25% fewer call-­offs
•  45% decrease in agency costs
•  15% more private pay beds
•  90%+ adherence rates to behavior-based checklists related to housekeeping, safety, call bells, shift hand-­offs, etc.

The system has since been in place for 10+ years and the management team continues to use the science of Behavior Analysis to improve and sustain all clinical and operational outcomes. They are extremely proud of being awarded the Employer of the Year in their large metropolitan area.