Order Entry System Implementation

ChangePartner colleagues helped a large academic medical center implement an order entry system. A cost/benefit analysis showed that the system would result in savings only if physicians did direct data entry. The medical center conducted best practice visits arranged by the vendor. At that time, the two most successful system installations achieved 100% usage by physicians within three years.

The science of Behavior Analysis was used to identify and implement True Motivators™ for physicians. The hospital and vendor made several small, but significant changes to motivate the physicians to use the system. Examples of these changes included:

•  Placing the computers in locations that supported the physicians’ work flow.

•  Personalizing the initial screen physicians saw after logging in to include information they said they needed —the status of their orders.

•  Having the charge nurses, rather than the Information Technology team, serve as trainers/coaches to the physicians.

•  Rewarding charge nurses for ensuring physicians were confident and competent in using the system unassisted.

•  Allowing physicians to order equipment for their unit based on cost savings achieved by their speedy adoption of the system.

•  Using data from the pharmaceutical ordering module to evaluate which drugs were most used on a floor and then setting up pharmacies on each floor to fulfill drug orders more quickly.

Outcomes: 100% of 1200 physicians adopted system within 10 days of cutover.