You want a feedback app and you want it to make a difference.


Feedback is easy to build into an app—but creating an app that guarantees behavior change is unheard of—until now.

ChangePartner’s behavior scientists and technology experts are developing a revolutionary app that combines:


Real-time, behavioral feedback for individuals, teams, and leaders

Daily coaching and direction based on artificial intelligence.

Barrier-busting to enable Behavioral Excellence


Imagine a culture where patients, caregivers and administrators enjoy giving and receiving feedback — feedback that makes a difference!

The ChangePartner app:


• Provides real-time, helpful feedback from different sources to individual staff and teams

• Focuses on those critical few, Evidence-Based Behaviors™ that make a difference

• Guides daily improvement activities at all levels of your healthcare facility

• Turbo-charges performance coaching across your organization through automated coaching and human-to-human (H2H) support

• Complements your existing improvement efforts and engages all employees in continuous improvement

• Measures and accelerates Individual Habit Strength™ and Organizational Behavior Momentum™

• Produces sustainable healthcare outcomes