You want a feedback app and you want it to make a difference.


Feedback is easy to build into an app—but creating an enterprise application that guarantees behavior change and improved outcomes at scale is unheard of—until now.

ChangePartner’s behavior scientists and technology experts are developing a revolutionary app that combines:


Real-time, behavioral feedback for individuals, teams, and leaders

Daily coaching and direction based on artificial intelligence.

Barrier-busting to enable Behavioral Excellence


Imagine a culture where patients, caregivers and administrators enjoy giving and receiving feedback — feedback that makes a difference!

The ChangePartner app:


• Provides real-time, helpful feedback from different sources to individual staff and teams

• Focuses on those critical few, Vital Behaviors™ that make a difference

• Guides daily improvement activities at all levels of your healthcare facility

• Turbo-charges performance coaching across your organization through automated coaching and human-to-human (H2H) support

• Complements your existing improvement efforts and engages all employees in continuous improvement

• Measures and accelerates Individual Habit Strength™ and Organizational Behavior Momentum™

• Produces sustainable healthcare outcomes