The ChangePartner platform: Our process will produce positive change across the entire organization.

ChangePartner’s Delivery Excellence solution identifies essential behavioral mechanisms that produce change and makes them systemic and sustainable. By combining state-­of-­the-­art behavior science with adaptive mobile technology and artificial intelligence, this platform offers an efficient method to ensure providers’ staff behaviors are aligned to achieve evidence-based outcomes.


Here's what you can expect from ChangePartner:

For Patients

·  Provides a user-friendly way to convey confidential, helpful feedback at the Point of Care to all clinical and support staff while maintaining a positive relationship.

For Clinical and Support Staff

·  Through a high engagement process, connects people daily at all levels to measure and improve those behaviors that lead to desired outcomes, creating a positive culture of transparency and accountability.

· Helps staff identify, learn, and practice the critical few Vital Behaviors that produce desired outcomes.

• Facilitates the connection between staff and patients, ensuring that patients' needs and concerns are heard in real-time.

· Engages all staff in real-time observations and high quality, personalized feedback and coaching.

· Provides automated prompts, reinforcement, and decision support daily to improve performance of individuals and teams.

For Hospital Leaders

· Delivers instantaneous data on real-time healthcare delivery across the organization, along with trends on Individual Habit Strength™ and Organizational Behavior Momentum™ for each targeted outcome.

· Organizes individual, team, and organizational data to help leaders conduct highly effective, targeted rounding and coaching.

· Provides decision support tools to remove performance barriers and reinforce or redirect actions at all levels when needed.

For Clinical Leaders & Researchers

· Provides the platform to create, adopt, test, adapt and sustain evidence-based practices within units and at a scale previously unattainable.

For Educators of Healthcare Professionals

· Delivers tools to certify healthcare professionals as competent in evidence-based Vital Behaviors relevant to improving patient safety, quality, team communications, leadership dialog, and the patient experience.

For Industry Stakeholders (e.g., Payors, Pharmaceuticals)

·  Enables them to support providers in using their recommended evidence­‐based protocols.

Based on typical data from our consulting projects, we project the benefits below:

Additional Benefits