Behavior-Based Delivery Excellence™ System

Combining state-of-the-art behavior science and adaptive mobile technology
to ensure the behaviors of providers’ staff lead to better healthcare outcomes.

Every time. At scale. 



Core Elements of the Behavior-Based Delivery Excellence™ System

Improves multiple performance targets,
including operating costs, reimbursement, quality & safety, and patient experience.

1. Alignment on Project Selection: Senior leaders prioritize and align on which behavior-centric improvement projects will achieve the biggest impact.
2. Behavior-Based Checklists & Training:  Guidelines and research are distilled into unambiguous, behaviorally-­-specific checklists that contain the Vital Behaviors™ necessary for achieving targeted results.  A blended learning methodology ensures core content is taught efficiently online in short learning bytes, and guided practice and feedback occur on-the-job or in structured simulations.
3. Statistically Valid Behavior Sampling: The System automatically schedules the minimum but necessary observations needed to gain a true measure of behavior and influence behavior change. Observations are phased out once an employee achieves Individual Habit Strength™.
4. Data-Based Coaching & Decision Support: High-quality coaching is enabled by easy access to individual performance data and trends, as well as automated decision support. The quality and frequency of the coaching are tracked as key indicators of success.
5. Continuous Improvement: An online behavior science-­- based process is provided to analyze and eliminate the root causes of human error and behavioral variability.
6. Management Monitoring & Reinforcement:  Vital Dashboards™ help leaders track Organizational Behavior Momentum™ (i.e., rate of improvement) for any high-­-priority project, and prompt leadership actions to remove barriers and reinforce progress.

All powered by automated Adaptive Behavior Analytics, based on the science of Behavior Analysis.

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